Ambrose Richardson III

Business and Commercial Lawyer
Ambrose Richardson III | Business and Commercial Lawyer

Ambrose Madison Richardson is a transactional lawyer who litigates, and a litigator who does deals. His practice centers on business and property—real, personal, and intellectual. He was a principal of his own firm in Rockefeller Center for twenty-five years before teaming up with Solomon Blum Heymann in 2003. He is admitted to practice in New York.

As a transactional lawyer, he has written contracts and guided companies that revolutionized areas as various as mortgage backed securities, personal computers, and digital communications, and represented clients in numerous successful financings and acquisitions. As a litigator, he has appeared in over seventy venues, established precedents in the areas of securities, insurance, fraud, indemnification, and conversion, and won seven figure awards for clients in business disputes and commodities arbitration. He has served on bar association committees on state legislation, state courts of superior jurisdiction, and judicial administration, and as a mediator for the Commercial Division of the New York Supreme Court.

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