Attorneys William Blum & Robert Ladislaw join’s FATCA Webinar as Panelists

On Wednesday, September 16, 2015 international tax lawyers William Blum & Robert Ladislaw took part in the FATCA Webinar as panelists. The hour long event took an in-depth look at the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) through the eyes of tax specialists from the United States and United Kingdom.

The webinar addressed FATCA’s pros and cons as well as specific concerns regarding compliance, reporting issues, privacy and a host of other matters surrounding the legislation. User-submitted questions from members of the community were also covered during the event.

Listen to the full, hour-long audio from the webinar below:

FATCA Webinar Transcript

The landscape of international banking is being changed as the legislation sweeps away the secrecy provided by foreign entities. And while the IRS is using FATCA to target US citizens with offshore accounts, the information surrounding this Act is important to the international community with similar versions appearing in countries around the world.

If you have questions surrounding FATCA and international tax disclosures, please contact Solomon Blum Heymann LLP to speak with an experienced attorney.

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