Private Wealth Attorneys

The private wealth group at Solomon Blum Heymann LLP assists our clients to protect, preserve, and plan for the tax-efficient distribution of their estates and to safeguard their rights through probate litigation. In addition to domestic estate matters, our private wealth attorneys have significant experience handling and coordinating sophisticated international and multi-jurisdictional estates. If litigation becomes necessary, our attorneys will expertly handle every matter from simple will contests to allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, beneficiary misconduct, and financial mismanagement. Many cases are bitterly fought (the nature of family disputes frequently being more than just money) but are eventually settled. Our probate litigation attorneys are experienced in pre-trial, trial, negotiation, and settlement of these matters. Our real estate practice focuses on the representation of institutional and private lenders in commercial and residential transactions in the United States and other jurisdictions, and in helping foreign persons invest in U.S. real estate.

Commercial & Corporate International Law