Client Solutions — Private Wealth

Case Study – Minimized Estate Taxes During International Relocation to U.S.
We created a fully compliant international structure for a family relocating from South America to the United States, fulfilling the client’s goals of asset protection, intergenerational asset transfer and minimization of estate taxes.

Case Study – Successful Representation of Beneficiary of Offshore Trust
We successfully represented the beneficiary of a large offshore trust. Our negotiations led to a mitigation of taxes and the liquidation of the trust.

Case Study – Advised on Puerto Rico Act 20 Act 22 Tax Exemption Programs
We advised a U.S. client seeking to take advantage of the Act 20 and Act 22 tax exemption programs in Puerto Rico. We analyzed the client’s specific situation, evaluated the degree of tax benefits to which he would be entitled, and provided a legal opinion on how the programs would apply in the context of federal tax laws.

Case Study – Advised Individual on Steps to Conserve Wealth and Pursue Philanthropic Goals
We advised a high net worth individual and his family on the establishment of a family office, several family limited partnerships, and a charitable foundation. The client’s objectives were to conserve family wealth while minimizing taxes and pursuing philanthropic goals.

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