Client Solutions — Business & Commercial

Case Study – Secured Investors for Software Startup Company
We represented a software company seeking venture capital and strategic investors in several private placements. The complex financing structure brought the lead investor, the strategic funding source, and other accredited investors together with our client in a series of agreements, including various stock purchase, voting and investor rights transactional documents. The transaction closed on terms favorable to the software company, which achieved its financing objectives.

Case Study – Review & Legal Opinion on Financing Transaction
We represented a major manufacturer in connection with the refinancing of its outstanding debenture portfolio. We reviewed the transactional documents and provided our legal opinion on the validity of the transaction under New York law. The client complimented us on our insight into the documents and our proactive approach to the project, as well as the alacrity of our team’s response given the restricted time frame available for the transaction.

Case Study – Minimized Transaction Risk in International Business Sale
We represented a foreign-owned U.S. manufacturer in the sale of all of its outstanding stock to a foreign-owned multinational corporation. The transaction involved issues of securities, tax, and labor law spanning several international and domestic jurisdictions. As part of our service, we negotiated transactional documents, organized and explained due diligence questions, and provided tax advice. Our client succeeded in reducing transaction risks while selling the business on terms that exceeded expectations.

Case Study – Maintained Minority Shareholder Ownership Position in Acquisition
We represented the minority shareholder of a South American agricultural processing company owned by both South American and European interests. The European majority shareholder was seeking to restructure the company in a manner that would accommodate the public sale of its securities in the United States. We provided advice on corporate governance issues, and helped our client maintain its relative ownership position in the company.

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